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The USA is great. In my opinion the USA is the greatest country on earth.

On the one hand I like the big cities like New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami and much more. I just visited Denver and it is not pretty big, but this small Downtown is really nice. I felt like I would walk through one of the streets of New York, as I walked through the 16th street mall, because of the huge buildings. I know that, because I visited New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles last summer. This trip was so amazing, that I decided to spend an exchange year in the US.

On the other hand I like the great nature. Grand Canyon is pretty amazing. I have never visited the Niagara falls, but I can imagine that they are amazing, too. Certainly the beautiful beaches of Hawaii are very nice, which I will visit next February.

Also the people are pretty nice. I like that the Americans are so proud to be an American, because that makes everybody happy. I can totally understand that they are so proud of their country, but I never could be so proud to be a german, because in Germany I was educated different. Furthermore I like the kindness of the Americans, they are pretty open-minded and everybody is nice to everybody. But I noticed that some Americans are very superficial. They are not really interested in the other people. They are nice, but after the conversation they don’t want to meet you again. Not every American is like that, but some. This doesn’t bother me, but I have to get used to it. But all in all I can they that my exchange year, up to now, is much better, than I expected and I learned that the Americans aren’t so different to the people in Germany.  

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Ollo (15.10.08 15:55)
Jonas ..... du bist verloren !! *grins*

Hoffentlich bekommen wir Dich in einem Jahr wieder hin, falls Du nochmal zurück ins Alte Europa möchtest.....

Eines stimmt: Der American Steakburger ist sehr lecker !! Best ever , we agree !!!

Liese (18.10.08 00:03)
Hallo Jonas, wir verfolgen deinen Blog und sind erfreut, dass es dir so gut geht und entsetzt dass Amerika dich so schnell gewonnen hat. Egal. genieß die Zeit! Ums Skifahren beneiden wir dich in jedem Falle! Wie wärs mal mit ein paar Fotos?
Also lass es dir supeer gut gehen. Schön dass du so regelmäßig schreibst.
Liebe Grüße aus St. Tönis Liese

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