Sunday, october 13


Today I use this text as a homework, so I have to write in english. My weekend was pretty cool. On friday right after school I took the bus ot denver to visit Christopher, my Area rep. On friday night there was a little party in Chris House and we played much of the time , Rock Band. That`s a game on Xbox360. It`s pretty cool, they`ve got 2 guitars and 1 drums. So you can play like you`re a band. And it`s really as hard as real drums. On Saturday Chris had to work. In the morning I played Rock Band with Michelle, the girlfriend of Chris. And than she brought me to a very big and famous shopping mall, cherry creek. Because it rained. I bought me there some new stuff. New shoes and an american eagle jacket. Afterwards I took the bus to 16th street mall and looked around. I found the Hard Rock Cafe of Denver  and bought me a T-shirt. Ah yeah...and I forgot at the shopping mall I ate the best burger ever. The steakhouse burger from burger king.

In general Denver looks similiar to New York, but it`s much smaller. And its pretty much different than Boulder. Because Boulder hasn`t high buildings and stuff, but Denver looks like a really big city. In the evening I ate Taco`s with Chris and Michelle and then they took me to the bus stop. And today I bought me the colorado season ski pass. So I`m going to ski a lot. Yes...and what else..This night it`s suppost to snow around here. That`s kind of weird, on thursday I was wearing a shorts and just a t-shirt and today it should snow.

I can`t think about anything else, maybe some expressions, which people here are using. For example instead of cool some people say: boss. 

Ok...It`s a bit weird to write in english, because its harder than I thought. Because if You write, you want to try a little bit more formal and that`s totally different than people speak. If you speak you don`t have to pay attention on the past and so on, you just say it and everybody know what you mean. That was a try, because I have to write everyday an assey for my english class about any topic. And I could use this stuff from my blog, but I dont know , yet.


Ok CU!

13.10.08 03:55


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